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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  November 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. shock waves around maryland over the arrest of the prince george county executive and his wife. >> jack and leslie johnson were arrested by federal agents investigating a pay for play scheme. agents say when they knocked on the door, leslie johnson hid nearly 80,000 of cash in her underwear. they believe she flushed a $100,000 check down the toilet.
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jack johnson is nearing the end of his term as county executive. john henrehan has the latest developments in the arrest and investigation. >> reporter: jack johnson is a former prosecutor and he is keeping a low profile after proclaiming his innocence yesterday following the arrests of his self and wife as part -- himself and his wife into corruption. things were very quiet in the mitchellville home of jack and leslie johnson, both accused of felonies in connection with alleged bribes from developers in fast growing prince george county. one visitor left in the late morning hours. the friday arrests of the outgoing county executive and his wife are reverberating through maryland's second most populous county. >> i thought he had done a good job as the county executive. so, i'm just in shock.
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i think most people are. >> being a lifelong prince george ann, i'm shocked i can't believe it happened. i'm mad. when you put your trust in people, you know, it just -- i just -- i'm speechless. let's put it that way. >> reporter: jack johnson's second term as county executive is scheduled to end in over three weeks. some county residents believe he should resign now. >> he embarrassed himself, his family, his wife. he got his wife involved. >> reporter: so, should he stay in office the next few weeks. >> i don't think so. >> he should just leave. >> reporter: leslie johnson has been elected to a first term on the county council which would begin in early december. many residents based on charges alone are reluctant to turn either of the johnsons out of office. >> he knows whether he did
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right or wrong. the judgment should be his whether to remove himself or stay. >> reporter: innocent until proven guilty. she should take her office. >> yeah. >> sure. just suspicion is not proof. >> reporter: baker, the former state delegate, the incoming county executive is traveling in georgia. baker is not a political ally of jack johnson. baker takes office december 6th. baker is expected to be back in maryland and available to comment on the arrest of the current county executive early next week. will and maureen. >> john, we know jack is a former prosecutor. what about leslie johnson. she is an incoming member of the county council. what is her background. >> they met in law school at howard university. they met and fell in love there. she is an attorney. she had a 27 year career with the government of the district of columbia holding several executive positions, using her
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legal training and rising to administrative law judge in d.c. alj is not -- it's sort of a judge. you are a hearing officer and you decide cases put in front of you, minor cases, not criminal cases when there is a dispute among city residents. she was technically an administrative law judge and an attorney. one might think that should she be r jack johnson be convicted, an attorney and former prosecutor, judges may not be very lenient. they should have known better. again, he says he's innocent and these are charges. we are a long way from a trial. >> one thing we can agree, their legal background will come in handy for them. john henrehan live in the newsroom. thank you. johnson's opponents are not wasting time chiming here. here is a statement from the maryland republican party chair. it says another day, another democrat lawmaker arrested. when will the democrat corruption in the state end.
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democrat lawmakers need to come to the realization that their role as elected officials is to serve maryland and not use their title for personal gain. u.s. park police are asking for your help identifying skeletal remains. take a look at this sketch. investigators say the man's remains were found under the eastbound span of the roosevelt bridge in 2003. forensic tests show he died about six months before his body was discovered but they don't know the cause of death. if you recognize him, call the u.s. park police. a gun store became the scene of a prayer vigil and sermon in forestville. according to the "washington post," since 1992, real co guns has been linked to 2500 crimes in d.c. and maryland. some say it's due to straw gun purchases. we will talk about that in a movement. first prince george county police say real cocome please with reporting compliances. real co guns can do more to
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keep guns out of the hands of criminals he says. >> not necessarily shut the doors but to comply with some list of points that we have given him, presented to him, like him to look over to defer the straw purchases being made from here. >> straw purchase is when someone buys a gun for someone who is not eligible to own a gun due to acknowledge or perhaps the criminal background. prince george county officials says real co guns is following the law. d.c.'s newest red light cameras are snapping photos to ticket drivers. the 30-day warning phase is over. the red light cameras are at various locations. the police department selects the locations based on crash data, calls for police service and requests from the department of transportation and community groups. the 30-day warning phase is about to end for college park's
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first speed camera. it's located on paint branch parkway near the trolley trail. the speed limit in that area, 35 miles per hour. starting monday, if you are caught going 47 or faster, expect a $40 ticket in the mail. maintenance work is scheduled on the red, orange, yellow and blue lines. give yourself an extra 30 minutes or so of travel time. metro is upgrading platforms and installing new cross ties and traction. more trouble for qantas irrelevant lines. a boeing 737 turned back mid- flight after engine trouble. the plane was carrying 234 passengers to melbourne. about five minutes into the flight, pilots detected abnormal vibrations in one of the engines. qantas says the incident was not significant one. >> the pilots had the vibration on the engine and decided to make a turn back. that's actually a demonstration of good safety practice and
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hundreds if not thousands of these type of things happen on airlines around the world every year. it's nothing major. >> nervous laughter. people saying this is the third time it happened in a week. we were worried. >> last week qantas grounded all six of the airbus super jumbo jets after one blew out an engine. officials say the two incidents are not related. coming up on fox 5 news at 6:00, president obama is wrapping up his trip to asia in japan. find out what the president's final message was to world leaders and what he's saying about a big issue at home. 
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he quit a high profile white house job recently. today rahm emanuel didn't shock anyone when he announced what he plans to do next. >> because i love this city, the place my family came to, the place where i was born, i want to fight for a better future for all the people of chicago. that's why today i am announcing my candidacy for mayor. >> he is running to replace retiring mayor richard daley. the election is set for february 22nd. he represented the city's north
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side in congress before he went to the white house. president obama is whopping up his trip to asia that the u.s. is here to stay. he said the u.s. wants to reinforce its presence in the asia pacific region and spoke of the growing opportunities of global trade saying the u.s. wants to take advantage of them. >> we don't want to lose the opportunity to sell our goods and services in fast growing markets. we don't want to lose the opportunity to create good jobs back home. that's why we want to keep working with our fellow a peck -- a peck economies. that's why we want to pursue the partnership. >> one of the goals of the apec forum was to take steps toward free trade in the pacific. no agreement was reached. lawmakers are feeling the pressure with what to do with the soon to expire bush tax cuts. obama administration is adamant the tax rates can only be
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extended for middle and lower income tax holds. julie kurtz is on this one. >> reporter: the tax cut battle followed the president on his asia trip. he told reports he is willing to compromise with newly empowered republicans but how much and when he's not saying. in japan, the president seemed to enjoy a theater performance as he prepares to jump back in washington over the bush era tax rates. the president says it would be an irresponsible mistake to extend a high income tax rate permanently but here is where the political dance comes in. he said there is a whole host of ways to compromise on taxes. >> i continue to believe that extending permanently the upper income tax cuts would be a mistake. and that we can't afford it. and my hope is that somewhere in between there we can find some sort of solution.
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but i'm not going to negotiate here in seoul. >> the president sits down with republican and democratic leaders next week to hammer out a deal. republicans want a tax break for everyone. so, the pressure is on to avoid a jamaica. if there is no action by the end of the year during the lame duck session, the current tax rates expire across the board. remember, on wednesday, david axelrod, a top obama adviser told the huffington post that obama was ready to give in on temporarily extending the cuts. not so says the president. the huge question at this point, how far is obama willing to move on a real money issue for millions of americans. in washington, julie kurtz, fox news. senator john mccain fights the repeal of the don't-ask- don't-tell policy, his wife cindy is fighting for the other side. she is joining a slew of celebs
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for the no hate campaign. mccain makes a reference to the military policy saying it's an example of how the government treats the gay community like second class citizens. the government is out with new flu shot recommendations. find out why one shot may not be enough to protect certain people this year. we had a wonderful saturday today. no shortage of sunshine. 
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a health alert. medical experts are recommending changes to the current flu vaccination schedule. they include giving children underage 9 two seasonal flu vaccines if they didn't get a swine flu vaccine last year. experts believe two shots will ensure they are covered. well, it's fall but boy it sure doesn't feel like it. >> what a glorious day. >> wait until you see hour highs today. unbelievable. you won't believe that we are in november. >> take a look outside. beautiful shot. we have clear skies, no shortage of sunshine. it was really very pleasant and the good news is we will see a little bit of a run with that as far as the rest of the weekend is concerned. as we take a look at the
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weather headlines, the weekend will continue being on the sunny side. sunday, once again, another day where temperatures will be above seasonal for you as well. we have rain in the forecast, however. and those nights are going to still stay on the chilly side and the cool side. be prepared for that. don't get ready to turn the heat off just yet. look at today's high. 68 at national. that is 10 degrees warmer than we should be. we hit 65 at dulles, the same at baltimore. temperatures are not feeling like it's november at all out there. right now we have 46 at gaithersburg. 57 at national. 51 at dulles. 47 at martinsburg. baltimore at 52 degrees. up the midant it's 50 in boston. 59 in new york city. to the south 55 in richmond. looking out west, you will see where the temperatures are quite a bit cooler. take a look at the dividing line. 34 and 33 degrees. this is behind a cold front so
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the cooler air behind this front will move our way. that frontal system will be a big player in our weather as we move through into the beginning of the week and we see changes. in the meantime, this ridge of high pressure holding us with the clear skies we are seeing but it's keeping the frontal system and the rain that is associated with it at bay at least for the next day or so before it heads our way. slightly cooler tomorrow. still plenty of sunshine. a mild day still. temperatures will be roughly about the mid-60s or so. but here is the frontal system that will push toward us. it will be along the appalachians into sunday night and we will see a low pressure system develop on the tail end of it in the gulf. that will ride its way up. by the time we hit monday night, we will see a few showers. by tuesday, pretty much a soaking rainfall. expect roughly half inch to an inch of rainfall for us. we have in place for tonight into tomorrow morning high
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tides as well. there is a coastal flood advisory in he effect for the maryland portion of the chesapeake and the lower tidal pat tom make -- potomac. your day planner shows you by midday 62 degrees. 5:00 around the 60 degree mark. tonight clear skies. a little colder in the burbs. light and variable winds. tomorrow bright and sunny. temperatures above seasonal, 66 degrees. get the umbrella handy into the workweek. five-day forecast, expect a few showers from the system by monday night. tuesday looks like a full rain day. we are cooling down to seasonal at 58. 60 wednesday as we dry out. then thursday, 53. another system by the time we hit thursday. we will see how that pans out. in the meantime, nice for
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tomorrow. a great end to the weekend. >> tomorrow is the day for brunch outside. >> every sunday. you may be able to e-mail your friends without leaving facebook. the site is unveiling its own e- mail service next week. they will make the announcement at an event monday. users will be given e-mail addresses ending in at how many of your facebook friends aren't human. >> my list is growing because pet owners are logging on to alternating -- social networking sites and pretending to be friends. some say it's creepy. i don't think it's creepy. >> a little. peter tells us more about the new trend. take a look. ♪ you got a friend in me >> when he's not sleeping or sobering, he is apparently updating. >> the honoree sently helped
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the dog to create his own facebook page complete with photos and video. >> it's hard to be him and he let's people know. he gives advice to dogs that write in and he has friends that he has full conversations with. i think they think they are talking to a dog. >> reporter: the updates include when will it cool down. just makes me want to sleep. wait. that's all i ever do. look how easy i am making it for my mom to slip me part of her dinner. >> he inspired other dogs and cats to join facebook. >> reporter: that includes his friend brut takes -- brutas. >> he gives me hints that he's not getting enough treats or time at the dog park. he is telling me that he needs a sister. >> reporter: in the few months they have been on facebook, they made more than 1300
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friends. >> he has a lot of friends that i don't have on facebook. he is catching up with me. >> reporter: howard says as long as dozer let's her, she will continue to social network. maybe the parrots will get a site. >> there is too many other serious things going on. this is a great outlook for people to have fun. >> i still say it's creepy. >> i understand from facebook that it's against the rules. they will take your page off. >> don't tell them athe doggy friends. all right. well, the news is good for one redskins running back while the other has to wait a little longer to see the field.
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good evening. as we get closer to the show down against philly, less likely brandon banks will return kicks. the skins were hopeful he would return but shanahan said he was sore today and banks will be a game-time decision. his return appears doubtful, ryan is right on track. he could get the start monday night. he practiced again today. he has not suffered any setbacks since sitting out the second half of the lions game. didn't seem as encouraged about
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clinton portis. >> he is a veteran player, very competitive. you got to do what is right for him as well as the football team. you want to make sure if he does play that you don't set him back the rest of the season. we won't take a chance if it's not in the best interest of him and the team. >> it wasn't that long ago, week four that the skins and eagles met. the redskins started out red hot jumping to a 14-0 lead knocking out michael vick in the process. vic would actually miss a month with a rib and chest injury because of that hit. then the eagles make things interesting. they nearly won the game on a hail mary pass that was intercepted in the end zone. imagine the excitement to that game and put it on the monday night stage. >> monday night is always -- that's what we do what we live for. it's a night game under the lights. brings you back tour hey day in
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high school under lights. that's what makes it fun. >> reminder to watch it on my 20 monday night at 8:30. immediately following the game, stay tuned for the nissan postgame show. today marks the 75th meeting between maryland and virginia on the football field. in the last nine trips to charlottesville, terps won one time. firefighters quarter virginia up 3-0. maryland with a first and goal to hand off to d.j. adams. he pushes it through for the goal. terps on the board up 7-3. the ensuing drive, fourth and five but a fake. they did it last week against duke and it worked. virginia takes a 10-7 lead. same score in the second quarter. terps in the red zone. runs it up from 12 yards out.
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maryland goes up. then terps go for it on fourth and one. he goes in untouched. maryland up 21-10. the terps lead 21-20 at the break. fourth quarter, terps down two but not for long. 3 red touchdown of the day -- third touchdown of the day. chris proctor making his start for navy. ricky dobbs out with a slight concussion. he signature sags for -- zigzags in for a touchdown. third quarter, 24-21. proctor keeps it. he fakes the pitch and goes four yards for the score. navy takes the lead 28-24. right now the midshipman lead 35-24 in the fourth. wizards and caps are on the roads. wizards in chicago and the
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capitals take on the sabers in buffalo. >> thanks, lindsey. the sunday outlook for weather. i think we should hear it one more time. >> fabulous. 66 and plenty of sunshine. a great day to get outside and have a brunch. keep the umbrella handy for tuesday. >> do you have a brunch date. >> no, you want to go on one. >> done. >> i got a date. >> what are we? >> she asked me. >> big spender. that's it. we are back at 10:00 and 11:00.  e
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